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Tutor Bank

The Tutor Bank has tutors in LaTeX and the following courses: LING200, LING222, LING315, LING335, LING371, LING372, LING373.


TUTOR BANK FUND: If you are a student at Concordia University currently enrolled in any of these courses you are eligible for a maximum of 3 hours of FREE tutoring sessions. The Tutor Bank fund will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Once the fund has been depleted, the Linguistics Student Association will no longer cover tutoring costs. **CURRENTLY ON PAUSE UNTIL FALL 2021**


Students are encouraged to contact the tutor of their choice directly by email to set up a meeting.

The Tutor Bank was created as a resource for students to get the help they need. Every tutor has been verified and has received a grade of A- or above in the courses they are qualified in.  If you would like to join the Tutor Bank please fill out your application here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to us at


Estefania Alvarez

LING 200 (Intro to Ling), LING 372 (Descriptv & Instrum Phonetics)

I am a first year Linguistics Honours student. My favourite area of study in linguistics is Phonetics!


Lee Reid

LING 200 (Intro to Ling), LING 335 (Historical Ling), LING 371 (Semantics) & LaTeX!

I am in my final year of Honours Linguistics. I find theoretical linguistics, in general, to be fascinating -- I really want to know the secrets of our minds. I tend to think in a very mathematic, systematic way, so my favourite areas are semantics and phonology. (P.S. I do not have my own dog. yet.)


Miriam Glynn

LING 200 (Intro to Ling) LING 222 (Language and Mind) LING 335 (Historical Ling) LING 315 (Syntax)

I am a second year Linguistics major at Concordia. My favorite area of study is Phonetics.


Aglaia Ruffino Jalles

LING 200 (Intro to Ling), LING 222 (Language and Mind)

I am an international 2nd year student of Linguistics major, French Literature and Italian double minor at Concordia University. I have a bachelor's degree in Education from São Paulo University (USP) in Brazil, and I love to teach and study about human learning processes. The areas of study in Linguistics that interest me the most are Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics and Bilingualism studies.


Marguerite Faille

LING 200 (Intro to Ling), LING 222 (Language and Mind), LING 315 (Syntax), LING 373 (Phonology)

My name is Marguerite but I go by Margo. I am a second year Linguistic student in the Honours program. My favourite areas of study in linguistics are Syntax and Semantics. My first language is French, so we can use either English or French.


Kemba Drakes

LING 222 (Language and Mind) LING 372 (Descriptv & Instrum Phonetics), LING 373 (Phonology)

I am a Linguistics major with a minor in Creative Writing. I began my studies in Winter 2020, and the area of study I have enjoyed the most so far in Linguistics is Phonetics.


Maraline Ribovitch

LING 373 (Phonology)

I am a recent graduate in Linguistics at Concordia university. My favourite area of study in linguistics is phonology.

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