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Mathieu Lariviere



Field of study:  Linguistics

Career and/or future plans: I am a student-professional; I work for Premier Tech Digital as a Linguist and Editor for all publishings related to industry 4.0, IIOT, and smart manufacturing.

Pet(s): I have two cats. The first is a rescue I found on a farm in Gatineau, her name is にゃー (Nya), which means Meow in Japanese - since I found her days after being born, she is accustomed to humans and loves greeting everyone; she is curious and cuddly! The second is also a rescue, his name is Dante - he has heterochromia, which is two different colored eyes. He is more of a scaredy cat but very playful! I also have a snek named Ouroboros!

Fun Facts:

  • I’m a polyglot, I love languages, especially etymology, the history of how things have come to be through language and shared knowledge. 

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