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Kent Billones


VP Communications

Field of study: Linguistics and Biochemistry

Career and/or future plans: Just letting the universe lead my way! Pharmacy, medicine, and speech language pathology are all on the table, but nothing is set in stone yet since I like to be mentally prepared for failure =)

Pet(s): No pets at the moment! I like thinking of what I name my (near) future cat, but I also love rabbits and rats.

Fun Facts:

  • My toxic trait is having too many opinions on food/cooking and urban planning, even though I'm nowhere near qualified to have them

  • Music! I Like Music. Phoebe Bridgers, Talos, Roo Panes, José González, MARO, ENNY, Florence + The Machine, Wolf Alice, Pierre Lapointe, Maggie Rogers... I could go on.

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